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You’re right, Joanne, it is fantastic that we can get inspired and play along and try new things through this Fiddlehed forum. I’ve learnt so much by watching you all and it has motivated me to keep going and challenge myself. I wish our time zones were more compatible for participating in group sessions, because they look so much fun. But it’s great to watch them afterwards and also see what everyone is trying. I often will play along, and want to learn songs because of what people post. I was so inspired by your wayfaring stranger that you did a while back which sent me down a rabbit hole of versions and I got MuseScore and Anytune to work out the Jack white’s version of it, because I loved the fiddle in it so much. When I started this journey, if you’d told me that I would be understanding music enough to transcribe it, I would have laughed. This is a fantastic community and I’m so thankful for it.