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Michael G

Hi Marg – Yes, guitar, mandolin and bass guitar (and ukulele, which was my first instrument at 11 years old – just realizing that’s 50 years ago!). I gave the Irish concertina a… er, um, concerted effort a few years ago but I realized I am a dyed in the wool stringed instrument aficionado. I think fiddle is likely to be my last attempt at adding to my instrumental repertoire. My favorite thing about playing instruments is sharing that in a small setting with other musicians. My son is my favorite jam partner – he’s an amazing songwriter and singer/musician.

I love classical guitar though I don’t play classical music (except I’ve dabbled with Bach pieces for practice and enjoyment) and am a folk musician at heart (I do have a nice classical guitar that I use for fingerstyle when the occasion calls for it).

I really like the tune Hobert’s Transformation. I look forward to learning it when (if? I hope ‘when’) I reach that level in the courses.