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Marg Sherringham

Stumbled upon the practice session yesterday when browsing the site so hadn’t prepared anything.
– scales, major, dorian and pentatonic and letting the drone open my mind to improvisation.
– memory work on Red Haired Boy and The Butterfly with strum machine backing and Fiddlehed backing track.
– finished with more scales and improvisation.
Need to make some index cards on specific technical exercises. Index cards for tunes have helped organise my memory practice.
Have been a little sidelined lately though, practising for a concert tomorrow night with my Community group. Country Waltz/Josephine’s Waltz medley, Bonnie At Morn, Crested Hens, Silver Bells, O’Carolan’s Air and Wattle Time. All with harmonies and a mix of instruments.
Felt inspired and supported by practising with the Fiddlehed community, and looking forward to driving my focus back to micro-practice on my weak areas.