Figure 8 Bowing on Mary Had A Little Lamb

I’ve been practicing the figure 8 bowing, trying it out on simple things like Mary Had a Little Lamb. In the last office hours livestream I talked about it some. Later this year, I’d might  create a full lesson with exercises if you are interested. Let me know in a comment below…


10 responses to “Figure 8 Bowing on Mary Had A Little Lamb

  1. I would also be very interest in this lesson topic. Bowing is where I need the most help and this looks like it would be very useful. Big congrats on your marriage. How exciting!

  2. congrats on marriage, the most significant thing i heard and held onto and it works under all conditions is “Love is a choice”. I still keep getting message about subscriotion problems, tried fixing it. i only need 1 subscription.

  3. Definitely interested, decided to take a break from classical lessons, (they are suspended for now-C19). Would like to learn more about fidding techniques anyway.

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