FiddleHed Tara asked, “Once we are able to travel I’ll be visiting family in Toronto. I’m wondering how you travel with your violin? Are you required to check it? Is there a special violin “travel case” that can withstand being thrown around in baggage claim? Thank you!


  • Don’t place in baggage claim, place in the overhead. I’ve never had an issue with that.
  • No special case is required.
  • Make sure the bow hair is loosened (as usual).
  • Some people recommend loosening the strings. I have never done that, and never had any problems.

Good idea to travel with the fiddle!

  • This is a fun way to connect with people when you travel.
  • It’s a good conversation starter. Almost as good as traveling with a dog 🐶.
  • It’s fun to play music in places you travel. It’s even more fun to somehow structure a trip around music.
    • This can be as simple as a meetup with another fiddler (for example from the FiddleHed network).
    • Or taking a workshop.
    • Or just seeing a show and then practicing in your hotel room.
  • I’ve played in bands for years and taken this to an extreme.
    • Often at the expense of enjoying other aspects of the trip, like sightseeing. 🚌
    • But I always enjoy the way I connect with locals through music. 😍

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One response to “How do you travel with your violin? 

  1. In the southern U.S.A. it is HOT during the months I travel. On a recent trip (for a fiddle workshop where I met 2 other Fiddlehed students), I found myself leaving the fiddle at hotels I had checked out of, making extra trips back for it, calling around to amusement parks to see if they had indoor lockers I could rent. Is there a “travel fiddle” you could recommend? How did people keep these instruments together on their covered wagon migration with no A/C? I am tent-camping next week and even though there will be music there, I can’t figure out how to bring my fiddle.