FiddleHed Tara asked, “Once we are able to travel I’ll be visiting family in Toronto. I’m wondering how you travel with your violin? Are you required to check it? Is there a special violin “travel case” that can withstand being thrown around in baggage claim? Thank you!

If you’re a violin player, you know that traveling with your instrument can be a bit of a hassle. However, with the right preparation and approach, it’s possible to bring your violin with you on a plane without any issues. Here are some tips for traveling with a violin on a plane.


When you’re traveling with a violin, it’s best to avoid placing it in baggage claim. Instead, carry it with you and store it in the overhead compartment. Arrive at the airport early to make sure you have plenty of time to find space for your violin in the overhead compartment.


You don’t necessarily need a special case for your violin, but it’s important to have a case that can protect your instrument during travel. A hard-shell case can provide additional protection, but a standard wood case can also work. Make sure your case fits in the overhead compartment and is easy to carry.

Bow and Strings

Before you travel, make sure to loosen the bow hair. Some people recommend loosening the strings as well, but this isn’t necessary. You can also purchase a humidifier to keep your violin at a stable humidity level during travel.

Traveling with Your Fiddle

Traveling with your fiddle can be a fun way to connect with people when you travel. It’s a good conversation starter, and can be a unique and interesting way to explore a new place. You can meet up with other fiddlers or musicians, take a workshop, see a show, or just practice in your hotel room. It’s also a fun way to connect with locals.

A lot of folks (including me) structure their trips around music. Whether it’s going to a folk festival or going to India to learn Hindustani fiddling, you can use music as an “anchor”. Then fit in other stuff around the anchor.

In conclusion, traveling with a violin is completely doable with the right preparation. Remember to carry your violin with you, make sure you have a protective case, and take the time to enjoy the other aspects of your trip while still fitting in some fiddle playing. With these tips in mind, you can bring your life into music, even as you travel.

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  1. In the southern U.S.A. it is HOT during the months I travel. On a recent trip (for a fiddle workshop where I met 2 other Fiddlehed students), I found myself leaving the fiddle at hotels I had checked out of, making extra trips back for it, calling around to amusement parks to see if they had indoor lockers I could rent. Is there a “travel fiddle” you could recommend? How did people keep these instruments together on their covered wagon migration with no A/C? I am tent-camping next week and even though there will be music there, I can’t figure out how to bring my fiddle.