Tara asked, “How do you organize your sheet music? By key signature? Alphabetically? By origin (Irish, American ..)? Most favorite to least favorite? Other? I know this is a personal preference, but I’m curious 🙂

Organize your music so that you can find what you need.

I keep a few useful books handy.

I suggest you could focus more on organizing your practice sessions.

I’m now using a note-taking app called Roam to document my practice. It allows me to store sheet music (from sources other than books).


I keep a simple alphabetical list of tunes I’ve worked on recently.


I also keep track of what I practice each day. Then the next day I scan over this and start with things that I know were challenging.


☝️Review what you did yesterday so you can build on that today.

I also allow myself to work on things that I’m interested in, things that resonate in the moment. I’m always trying to find a balance between building on things I’m learning and finding things that are enjoyable.

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