FiddleHed Maria asked, “My bow hand and pinky finger get tired quickly. What am I doing wrong?” 

Relax the hand

  • It should take very little effort to hold the bow with your hand.
  • Form a gentle fist with the right hand. Release a bit more.
  • Try lifting the pinky slightly when you play.
    • Many old-time fiddlers always play with their pinky lifted.
    • I teach a classical hold (pinky down) because it allows you to lift the bow more easily.
      • It also makes you a more versatile player. You could learn other styles more easily such as classical, jazz, etc.

Practice Fiddle Yoga!

  • Pause regularly to relax the body, mind and breath.
  • Start by breathing and relaxing the body without playing.
  • Then play a single note with this relaxed feel.
  • Then play a to note interval with this relaxed feel.
  • Then play Simple scale this relaxed field.
  • Then play a simple tune with this relaxed field.
  • Pay special attention to the right hand, or whatever physical process you want to work on.
  • Return to this awareness of your body throughout a single practice session. 
  • This will make the practice sessions more enjoyable

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