Film and TV - C Aeolian - Intermediate

Embark on a musical journey through the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros as you learn to play this mesmerizing theme. 🎵🐉

Game of Thrones Tutorial – A Part

This is a traditional tutorial on the tune. If you want an extra challenge, learn the tune with the call-and-response lesson below. If you choose the traditional tutorial, you can always take the call-and-response lessons later (for further practice).

B Part

Call-And-Response Lesson

Learn the tune through old-school call-and-response. I’ll play something, then leave you a space to play it back. Use these lessons to learn, improve or review the tune.

Learn the melody in small chunks. Even if it takes 1-2 weeks. I encourage you to learn it by ear as much as possible. I encourage you to struggle a bit with learning this by ear before referring to the music.


Play the scale of the tune with C drone as a warmup. This is always a good practice.

C Aeolian: (G0-L1-L2)-G3-D0-L1-L2-3-L4-AL1-L2- (3-L4-EL1-L2)

I recommend you practice low first and low fourth finger positions.

Listen to the original. A lot. Be able to hear the melody in your head (aka Audiation).

Sheet Music and Tabs

First quarter: D3-G3-DL1-L2-3-G3-DL1-L2 |


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Adding Irish Embellishment

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