The Entire Universe In A Fiddle Tune


How is the music you play related to everything around you?

Is it somehow connected to Kevin Bacon?


Where does it come from?

Did you create the music or is it just passing through you?


Who are you?

Are you sure?


Why is FiddleHed asking all these spacey questions?

I don’t know.

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5 responses to “The Entire Universe In A Fiddle Tune

  1. I’m not so sure as a beginning fiddler that it’s is good to / for other people.
    Even my dog who thinks I’m the best because I can open doors and the fridge looks at me with my fiddle with that must you? look.

  2. As an adult learner, the benefits of fiddling are so vast! I get to be a beginner at something again. I am learning to be kind and patient with myself for sounding awful (a lot!) and sometimes my playing just flows and sounds great. This is amazing to me. Right now, playing the fiddle gets to be the one thing in my life that is just for me, but at some point is see how it will connect me to others and be a gift I can share. It has also taught me more about listening to music…melody and tempo, not just how it makes me feel.