Should I memorize scales?

A student asked, “Should I memorize scales?”

The short answer is “yes.”

🎶 First things first: Start by memorizing a single-octave D Major scale: D0-1-2-3-A0-1-2-3

Practice it with a D Drone:

Now, the cool thing is once you’ve got D Major down, you also know…

G Major: G0-1-2-3-D0-1-2-3

And A Major: A0-1-2-3-E0-1-2-3

🤔 So, why memorize scales? {subtitle: Why memorize scales? }

1️⃣ Learn Songs Faster: because your fingers know where to go.

2️⃣ Play in Tune: because you can focus more on listening instead of looking at sheet music.{subtitle: Play in Tune }

🌈 But here’s the ultimate reason: It’s just more FUN. When you’ve memorized your scales, you’re free to play around with dynamics, tempo, and even improvise. 🎶

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