Practice Blocks

Pick a song and a skill, and then practice in 25-minute blocks with intention.


Pick a strategy to guide your session. Use this card for a week to understand how it works. For example:

Song | ⏱️10m

Learn a song you like. Discover what’s challenging about it. Practice a small piece until it’s automatic.

Skill | ⏱️10m

Practice a skill (a scale or technique). Do it slowly, paying attention to movement. If necessary, break it into sub-skills (smaller Chunks).

Play | ⏱️5m

Allow yourself to explore and goof off with the song.

  • Inquiry: Is there a way to practice the skill with your song?
  • Dynamics: Play at different volumes
  • Sing what you play

Reflect 👁️

What needs further attention? What went well? Are you ready to move on from this? 

Use a music journal to track what you do and any little insights you have.

Repeat 🔀

Either revisit these steps with new elements or repeat the same set in your next practice session. Stack these practice blocks one after the other with breaks (5 minutes, a few hours or a whole day) in between.

👉 Let us know in a comment how you use this strategy. Tell us about specific things you do during a practice block.


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    1. That’s awesome your practising and engaging in the program, even while not having the fiddle on hand. It’s sure nice to make enhancements on our instruments. Your feedback on these sessions is greatly appreciated, Pete.