Play Slowly

Go Ridicu-Slow 🐒

If you can’t play something, chances are you’re going too fast. Speeding leads to anxious hands and a cluttered mind. 🀯

Slow down to overcome almost any obstacle. πŸ§—πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

Ridicu-Slow Chunks πŸ•°οΈ

Pick a challenging Chunk of a song or exercise. Play it once at a snail’s pace. Continue to play single reps.

As you practice, allow the body and breath to be calm. Focus your attention on the movement of your hands. Let your fingers reach their destination with ease.

If necessary, practice the motions without even making sound.

At some point do you notice a feeling of relief?

Loop πŸ”

Once you can play the chunk slowly with ease, then Loop it continuously. Maintain that sense of ease in your body.

Slow πŸ” Medium 🚢🏿

Then, allow yourself to naturally speed up to a medium tempo. Do you notice tension? Where is it happening? Pause. Turn your attention to that part of your body and play slowly again.

Keep alternating between ridicu-slow and medium, pausing to focus on smaller chunks if necessary.

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3 responses to “Play Slowly

  1. I am learning to play every tune as a ballad. Great reminder and offered structure will be very handy. Sometimes, I like fast tunes better when they are slow. It’s fun try the different tempo and slow it right down β€” and for beginner me, often sounds better.