Play every day, be a musician

Hey Folks,

I’m leading a practice challenge from October 15-28. The main goal, as usual, is simply to play every day. This time, we will emphasize finding joy in your sound. For those of you who sign up, I’ll be sending check-in emails with cheerleading, short lessons, exercises and prompts to get you to slow down and make something sound really good. Maybe I’ll throw in a few dad jokes.

Click here to officially sign up for the practice challenge. If you know you don’t want these check-in/tips emails, then go directly to the practice challenge homepage to learn more.

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  1. This is perfect timing for me. I’ve learned so many new songs and working on my sound has been in my thoughts for the past couple of weeks. I love how this you seem to intuitively know what your students need, no matter how far away we are! Thank you for this.