Hometown Requiem

Here’s a piece I wrote and recorded on Saturday night May 30, 2020; the night the George Floyd riots broke out across the world.

I’m now living in LA, just south of the Fairfax neighborhood which was an epicenter of looting and vandalism. Deeply saddened by the situation. But I’ll let the music do the talking…

I’m grateful to Yurie Goto-Manning for editing this and all the other videos. Wishing you and everyone else peace, safety and sanity.

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27 responses to “Hometown Requiem

  1. Love the wonderfully expressive and atypical sounds you make with this. Seems not only mournful but also inspiring. It suggests new ways of listening and creating, something desperately needed to get through our current times.

  2. Really splendid, Jason. Thanks, as always, for all you do; and for being such a good spirit in the world.
    Also, your quote above made me think of this other one:

    β€œAwe is the salve
    that will heal our eyes.
    And keen, constant listening.”