Assume You Will Get Better*

*if you practice.

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6 responses to “Assume You Will Get Better*

      1. Practice makes perfect, yes, but I guess I’m lacking something in the “HOW” part that you mentioned. That’s very interesting….How?
        I’m probably pushing too hard, choking up, and don’t realise I’m doing that.
        Thanks for the insight.

        1. By “How you practice” I don’t mean techniques like bowing, but are you doing things efficiently. Are you working on the hard parts of a tune or do you just play the whole thing through each time? Are you working on your sound? Do you practice with looping and/or drones? What is the quality of practice?

          1. I do practice the hard parts and I do play with the play along tracks practising looping and drones.
            …I have not been faithfully using a weekly planner.
            I took your questions seriously and found myself back under the “How To Practice Fiddling” tab. How can I have efficient, quality practice if there is no order/structure to it? How will I know any improvements I’ve might have made when I can’t remember how I played any particular thing at the beginning of the week, let alone what I practised yesterday? That’s what I asked myself. And answered. Use the planner everyday and worse to better will probably come a lot sooner! 🙂

            You have 13 steps under “How To Learn And Practice A Fiddle Tune” that I’ve printed out to put in the front of my planner. This is something I’m sure going to want to have handy.

            I can’t thank you enough for this site!