A simple tip for getting better sound

I want to offer a simple tip for getting good sound on the fiddle.

The simple tip

Start by playing an open string. In the video example, I play an open G string with a G drone. Focus on a simple, good sound. Become aware of your breath. Is it happening naturally or is it tense? Do your best to just relax the breath and body while playing an open string. Try to enjoy the sound.

As you move from an open string to scales, exercises, and tunes, you may get tenser. You may start to hold your breath. Whether or not you notice this, make a point to return to simply playing an open string, paying attention to your breath and enjoying the sound.


Try this out and let me know how it goes. Do you find your practice to be more enjoyable? Is it more relaxing? Is it still hard to breathe evenly or did this help a bit?

This post was originally made for the Fall Practice Challenge 2018.

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3 responses to “A simple tip for getting better sound

  1. Hi yep just starting on the challenge – have printed the worksheet, aim to work on shifting positions and improving my tone practicing the Ashokan Farewell – Thankyou for your steer Jason – looking forward to committing to 30 minutes a day for the next two weeks in this challenge!