Student Stories: Fiona Higgins

Here’s a short video of my student Fiona playing, Uisce Faoi Thalamh, a tune she wrote while playing around with triads.

Fiona started learning fiddle as an adult. Now, she plays regularly in beginner Irish sessions and with a group of some of my other students.

I learn a lot from good students. At the beginning of her practice sessions, Fiona plays a few easy tunes as a warm-up. She says, “This makes me feel like I’m a fiddler.” Then she moves on to her current set of tunes and technique that she’s practicing. She organizes her practice with a spreadsheet: Fiona’s Fiddle Spread Sheet.


Fiona is a good example of someone who has found her own way in music. And though she is on her own path, she knows the secret that all musicians know: you have to practice.

11 responses to “Student Stories: Fiona Higgins

  1. I love the statement, “This makes me feel like I’m a fiddler.” I don’t feel like a fiddler very often in practice, but when I do, its powerful! I wasn’t sure of what I was feeling until I saw those words here.

    Thanks for sharing this very organized plan! Its inspiring!

  2. your tune sounds very good Fiona – very inspirational
    you are so lucky being able to have personal tuition with Jason
    I dont yet feel like a fiddler, but I think that after 5 years I have reached the end of the beginning 🙂

  3. Fiona, very strong and beautiful tune. The B part really developes nicely – and lots of tunes don’t have a B part that does that so well as yours. Such a well rounded tune is an inspiration. Keep on fiddling.

  4. this was great. Thanks Jaso’n and Fiona…it is good to see the benefits of being an older student. For some of us, it is a bit humbling to be a beginner again at something..I love fiona’s approach….stealing! xoxo w

  5. You rock, Fiona! Thank you for showing us the possibilities! By the way, I LOVE your name. I have the cutest little border collie and I named her Fiona!

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