I’m making a music video for a tune called “Waiting At The Rainbow Gate.” The concept is simple. The song is a soundtrack to the love you feel for your pet. I’m asking different people to submit video of themselves with their pets. Please submit videos in landscape view. Feel free to use an old favorite or film a new video.

Here’s an mp3 of the song for the video:

To submit a video, upload to a service called WeTransfer.

Here are the steps

  1. Go to the WeTransfer site
  2. In the “Email to” field type “[email protected]
  3. Fill in your email and upload the video or photo
  4. You’ll be emailed a confirmation code to finish the transfer. Enter that on the WeTransfer page, and then you’re done.

If you have questions, just send me an email.

Here’s a similar video I made for my old cat Kitty when he left for the Rainbow Gate:


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