Here’s a playlist of tunes currently in the Irish Fiddle Variation course as well as in the main course.

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10 responses to “Recommended listening for Irish Fiddle Variation

  1. Thanks for putting this together. I always ask for tune names at the local sessions, hoping to do as lhume says and start absorbing by osmosis while I’m sat at work. But it’s a lot of effort trying to find a decent recording and get organised with a playlist.

    The other problem I have is that if I ever stray outside of my regular sessions I find I don’t know anything they’re playing. So it’s always nice to hear other people’s takes on a “recommended Irish” playlist and fill in more gaps. Actually having said that, I reckon I’m already familiar with a good 3/4 of this list, so it’s quite nice to think that maybe I’m on the way to turning up a random session and having enough of a shared repertoire to play into the early hours!

  2. Thanks for searching out all of these excellent examples of Irish music. I enjoyed each and everyone one of them and will go back and listen again and again. I love how some start out slow and get faster and faster…so fast, I think it must be a miracle to be able to do that. :). Love John Galway & Matt Malloy playing together. Makes me want to get my tin whistle back out….. And Sinead O’Connor’s lovely performance of Danny Boy.

    Thanks again for all the time and effort you put into these lessons,