Suggestions to make your sessions more productive and fun

Practice routines are a great way to train you how to practice. This will help you to best use the limited time you have to make the practice fun and productive. Remember: these routines are just a series of suggestions. What I hope you learn is how to make your own practice routine to reflect your own needs.

For each of the routines you’ll find a video trainer, pdf outline as well as a word file (so you can edit it and create your own).

30-minute tune practice

  • Here’s a general practice routine to help make any tune sound better. We’ll use a “video trainer”  to go between a tune and its scale to improve tone, tuning, timing, and flow.

30-minute tune practice: Kerfunken Jig

  • Here is a specific tune practice routine you can use for Kerfunken Jig.

35-minute tune review

  • In this 35-minute routine, you will review ten tunes you have already learned.

20-minute scale practice 

  • In this routine, you’ll practice scales in a fun and productive way.

10-minute tuning routine

15-minute bowing practice (coming soon)