Fall Practice Challenge!


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Practice strategy: One Drone, Many Tunes

If you want to go deep into a scale and tunes that use it, then try this out.

  • Start a drone track.
  • Play a scale for that.
    • So if we have D drone, we can play D major or a D minor scale (Dorian or Aeolian).
  • Play a tune that has a root of D
    • So for D drone, you can play tunes in D major like Oh Susannah, Peacock Rag, etc.
    • You can also play tunes in D minor, likeΒ Shady Grove.
  • Continue to alternate between scales and tunes with the same drone for as long as you like.

This is a great way to practice a new scale. It’s also a fun way to review a lot of tunes using the same root.

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One Drone, Many Tunes

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