Fall Practice Challenge!


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Practice strategy: Listening is practice too

I encourage you to actively practice listening. A simple way to start is to alternate between listening and playing a bit of a tune. Say you are learning Kerry Polka,  you can listen to the track once, then play it once, then listen again, etc.

You can also do this with Call-and-Response Loops.

Another great listening practice is to able to listen as you play. This is hard, but there’s a simple way to learn. Play an open D string along with the D drone below. Turn your attention from the drone to your own playing. See if you can do both at the same time.

Accomplishing that, see if you can play a D major scale and listen to both the drone and what you’re playing. The next step would be to play a simple phrase from any tune in D major. Can you hear the melody you are playing and the drone?

Why do this? It prepares you for playing with other instruments. It’s also deeply staisfying…

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