String crossing

Practice string crossing patterns. Use two simple blocks to create longer patterns. These can be reversed, inverted and combined.

  • DA
    • AD
  • DDA
    • Reverse: ADD
    • Inverse: AAD
    • Re-order: DAD
    • Inverse re-order: ADA
  • Combinations:
    • DAD-ADD
    • ADD-ADD-AD (“Skedaddle”)

Make up your own.

D minor pentatonic

Practice improvising with D pentatonic. Use the D drone tracks.

  • Simple: D0-L2-3-A0-L2
  • Full Range: G0-1-3-D0-L2-3-A0-L2-3-EL1-L2-3

D drone, no beat

D drone, simple beat

D to G hoedown groove

Finally, try improvising over this groove. Start by playing the groove. This is hoedown on D chord twice followed by twice on G.

D0A0 hoedown (2x) / D0A1 hoedown (2x)

Bile ’em Cabbage Down improv

Here’s a play-along track to practice improvising with this tune. You will play one cycle and then improvise for three cycles. In the first track, you will improvise over a repeating D chord. In the second, you will improvise over the chord progression of the song:

D  G/ D  A/ D  G/ D A D /

Bile ’em Cabbage Improv – just D chord

Bile ’em Cabbage Improv – chord progression

Let me know in a comment below what tracks you like. Also let me know if they could be improved in any way (arrangement, duration, etc.) Feel free to add questions or any other comment about the course. You can also email me if you prefer.

Just trying to find ways to make this fun for you to practice on your own.

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