Foxhunter’s Jig – Fiddle Raga

Here’s a fiddle raga performance of Foxhunter’s Jig. If you like this track and you can download and listen to it while you walk the dog:

What is a “fiddle raga”? It’s an improvisation based around a fiddle melody accompanied by a “drone”.

What is a raga? Super-simple answer: it’s an Indian musical form in which musicians improvise with a drone playing in the background. They use a set of notes which are somewhere between a scale and a melody.

What is a drone? It’s a repeating tone or series of tones that serves as a reference. Drones help you to play in tune but they also can be a nice, hypnotic form of backup when playing alone. I love this form of practice! This performance is a way of sharing variation, improvisation and drone practice with you.

Are fiddle ragas a real thing? Sure! Now they are. I’m not a purist (though I’m glad the purists are out there preserving the music as it’s been played). I love these two styles of music. And they seem to work well together. That is, they’re not the cheesy-fusion-with-rainsticks type of music. But that’s a matter of opinion! Anyway…


Irish fiddle variation course

How to play in tune with drones

More performance videos and downloads

Play every day, have fun ? and thanks for taking part ?  

Now, go fiddle with it…?

❤ Fiddlehed

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