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      Joanne Iles

      Following our chord chat at Saturday’s student hangout, here’s my first attempt at playing chords along to Jason’s backing track!
      Warning-it’s a bit pitchy😆 I’m struggling to keep the double stops even so relax by playing the tune a bit too! It’s definitely work in progress for me, I think.

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      Joanne, you sound really good and steady, and that’s a Great first attempt as you describe it! This is certainly not an easy skill. I’ve been working on chorded double stops as well, and it’s a challenge.

      I feel so bad that I missed Saturday’s student hangout session with you guys!! Would have loved to have heard the chord chat you mentioned. Been on a crazy hectic schedule lately and somehow I got it in my head that the fifth was on Sunday. After really practicing for the hangout, when I went to sign in on Sunday I couldn’t believe it had happened on Saturday. My mistake.

      Anyway, your chords are great and thanks for sharing this. By the way, I’ve watched people playing together who do just what you did on this tune, alternating between the melody and the chords.

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        Joanne Iles

        It was the first one I’ve been able to join too. In the UK it’s 8pm on a Saturday so not usually good for me but I’m glad I did. Tom from BC had a really useful chord chart he’d found. I’m meeting up with a lady I met for another practice together today as we found we are at a similar level & can learn from each other & have fun!
        I’m finding it challenging to play chord back up but as you say it’ll be a useful skill for playing with others.

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      Super excellent. I am very impressed. That is not easy to do and you are doing super. Congrats!!!

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