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Jocelyn Martens

Neat method ~ I currently use the free version of Garageband, where I can add parts separatetly and similarly listen to the other parts in headphones when I am adding another part (keeping 1 ear out of headphone to hear myself really well too.
Sometimes with the first part I record, I’ll have a metronome playing in my headphones to get a real solid tempo, without the metronome being played on the recording.. when I’m wanting it precisely tempoed.
I’ve also used a voice memo app, and play a/my recording on an external speaker while I play along with it, using 2 devices – 1 to play the recording onto a speaker, and another to record me playing along with the recording on speaker. That tends to take more configuring to get the speaker in the right place and the volume right with my playing, where with Garageband, this can be adjusted on the program.
The more live/original the sound is going into the recording device, the better the quality retained.

Be cool to hear what other folks do, lots of good methods out there.
My brother mentioned he uses a program called Ableton for a similar purpose.