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First, I found a tune on the fiddle quick You Tube channel that I will play for my grandkids one day even if it’s on my death bed. It’s called “Who Shit In Grandpa’s Hat?” It’s as danceable as “Maggots In The Sheep Hides” or “Hog Eye And A Tater”.

My string crossing is giving me fits. The sound is so bothersome I can’t think. I keep my fiddle beside me & so decided 2 or 3 times a day for a week (plus picking it up every now & then just to scratch the itch) I’ll work on string crossing in every way I can think of.
I put away everything with music on it because I’m easily distracted. I started out just open string crossing until it got boring so I made up games.

First I have to do slow bows, 3 each,⬇️-⬆️ crossing from G-D across to E-A. Across and back perfectly, I WIN. Then the same only . ⬆️-⬇️. I’m whittling down the number of attempts it takes before I can give myself a round of applause.

My bow is divided into quarters so I do the same but with individual quarters. Crossings at the very tip quarter is known to induce cussing.

This last part pointed out a beginner problem I’m determined to stop. Timid bowing. I started last Friday, played my games and by Monday was getting bored. So new game, randomly chose a section of the bow, a pattern ie⬆️⬆️-⬇️or⬇️-⬆️ etc., then a number. If I choose the bow middle, crossing any particular pair of strings, can I manage my bow speed and distance to get to the frog or tip in whatever number of repetitions ⬇️&⬆️ I chose. I hope this is making sense.

I saw that I’m bowing like I’m asking, not bowing like I’m telling. You gotta bow like you mean it, like you know what you’re doing & that one thing made me start over. Now I’m gaining control & confidence. I don’t mean going fast. As beginners, I think we are afraid of that dying cat sound & we (I) tighten up a split second before we create sound. I’m finding I can have a nice sound going slow or beginner fast. My string crossing has improved tremendously. Plus, if it’s wrong, being timid won’t make it less wrong. One more day to go. I’ll go back to routine. I’m pondering a week of intonation. I can hear being off by just a little and the sound makes my eye twitch.

Your pep talks in the videos spur me on, thank you so much. Please keep it up. I have to get good enough to play one of the tunes I mentioned at the beginning of this never ending, long winded,for the love of God please stop, comment.

Jason you’re definitely the GOAT.