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Hi Kayla, Hope your practise with Swallowtail has gone well. I can’t see the video to comment, but in case you’re having difficulty posting, I’ll add these instructions:

1. Record yourself on video on your phone or ipad.
2. Go to YouTube (if you haven’t already got an account, just create a basic one – you don’t need a premium). When I open the YouTube app on my phone there are some icons down the bottom {home, shorts, a circle with a plus sign, subscriptions, library) – Press the circle with the plus sign and it shows a menu with 3 options (create a short, upload a video, go live). Choose upload a video.
3. YouTube will ask to Access your Photos – so you then select the video that you just made. (If it says that you have no videos to upload it may be that you haven’t allowed access in your phone’s settings so go to Settings, click on your photos app, check that you allow access to All Photos rather than Selected photos or None).
4. When you click on the video you made you are able to edit it to remove extra footage that you don’t want included, or don’t worry about it. Just press Next and you can give your video a title, explanation, Set your visibility (I check Unlisted because I only want FiddleHeds to see it). Select and audience (click on No, it’s not made for kids ) then down below it says UPLOAD SHORT in blue. Click on that and it will start uploading to YouTube, which may take a while depending how big it is.
5. Once it uploads you can now share the link to Fiddlehed. To do this you need to go to the home page of your YouTube account. Click on the coloured circle with your initial on it, select your channel, click on the video you made, which opens your video and also has a arrow tab next to the like, dislike buttons called ‘Share’. Click on the Share. It goes to a menu that gives you the option to Copy link. Press that. Now go to fiddlehed forum student video exchange and create a new topic, and then paste your link, and a brief explanation if you want. Then submit. Allow a few minutes to download.

Hopefully that works for you! It’s how I do it. Any questions please ask.