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As far as I have researched there is finger, wrist and arm vibrato.
Jason has a really great tutorial on vibrato.
I just basically have practiced doing the wrist vibrato exercises for about a year. Basically like you are knocking on a door.
I first just held the violin right where the neck joins the body and spent about 4 months working on the movement alone with zero bowing. Then I started bowing with the Queen Elizabeth wave not for sound but the movement. Did that for probably 3 months.
Then I did wrist and arm vibrato while roughly doing scales for about another 4 months and then recently trying to add it roughly into songs.
I figured it would probably be another year minimum before I got to what I did in the video. Something just clicked subconsciously and I was like โ€˜oh this is how it is doneโ€™.
Committed fun practice is key.

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