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Old Town Road – Fiddle Cover

Here’s a fiddle cover of “Old Town Road,” a hip-hop country song by Little Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. It’s the debut performance by KittyFiddler, a strange new character roaming the hills and valleys of San Francisco. While bringing unexpected joy to casual passersby, KittyFiddler’s very presence has also incurred the wrath of local dogwalkers. I’m … Continued

I Can’t Fiddle Fast Enough!

“I can’t play it fast enough! How can I speed up this tune to the right speed? Will I EVER be able to do it?” Before we get into how to play faster, I want to ask you something. Why do you want to play fast?  “Because I heard a famous fiddler play it fast.” … Continued

Six Ways To Overcome Fiddle Frustration

A lot of you have told me that you’re frustrated because your current level of playing is nowhere near where you want to be. You want to be ripping mind-crunching solos like Mark O’Connor. But it seems like you’ll never get there. In this Fiddlosophy post, I’m going to suggest six ways to overcome fiddle … Continued

Danny Boy / Kesh Jig – Electric Fiddle Solo – liner notes

A fiddlehed named Suzanne attended a Diego’s Umbrella show in Fairfax, Ca. and took video of my “solo solo”. This is the part of the show where I create a live looping drone and then play melodies over that. For this version of the solo solo, I start with a G drone. I create this on … Continued