A simple way to improve your timing is to practice things with plucking. Plucking is more percussive than bowing. It’s like you turn the fiddle into a drum.

If you want to fine-tune your timing, switch from bowing to plucking. Little imperfections in your timing will jump out.

Bowing is more forgiving than plucking.You can swell in and out of notes, allowing you to cheat.

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Plucking tip

Roll the bow into your right hand and then pluck. Place the thumb on the fingerboard, pluck with the index (see the video for instruction).

In general, plucking is a great practice tool. You hear and feel the music differently when you pluck. It’s a good way to solve problems, work things out and gain insight. You might have an “A-ha” moment if you switch to plucking.

Another way to practice timing with bowing is to use the staccato bowing. Not a lot of fiddlers use the staccato vine, but it’s a good way to make your technique and timing more precise.

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