Sliding Lesson 2

Now we’ll practice adding slides to fiddle tunes.

We’ll use the same principle that I teach for adding variation to anything. Alternate between a basic version and the variation. This simple but powerful strategy can be used to practice anything.

Before taking this lesson I recommend you take Introduction To Sliding On The Fiddle.

Here are some guidelines for adding slides to tunes:

  • Small steps. Start by adding a slide to a single note in a small phrase. When you can do that, then try it in the context of the whole song.
  • Experiment. Try Practice big, low slides as well as little quick slides. See if you can find something in between.
  • Take it away, bring it back. Once you can slide a note, remember to practice the same phrase without sliding. In this way you learn to add slides (and anything) with more intention.
  • Don’t make sliding a crutch. A pitfall to learning slides is that a student becomes dependent on this to find the right pitch. This is another reason why it’s good to alternate between a basic and variation. It’s also why I don’t recommend sliding for beginners.

I suggest starting with a single phrase. Don’t overdue it. 

Let’s practice

For all these exercises, we will alternate between a basic (no slide) and variation (with slide). Enjoy this new sound. Also, be sure to practice it without the play-along tracks. Own each exercise. If you do this, you’ll be able to add slides to other tunes.

Oh Susannah

Kerry Polka

Arkansas Traveller

Blackest Crow

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