This month’s Office Hours replay is now posted. Here were some good questions we talked about (in order that I answered):

What do you do when the time signature changes in a tune?

  • How do you know the key of the tune?
  • What is the difference between the key and the mode?
  • Does the last note of a tune tell you the key signature?
  • What’s a rule of thumb for knowing the root note of the tune?
  • Do you prefer sheet music or tabs? Why?
  • How do you mark up sheet music?
  • How are slides notated?
  • How do you transpose Wildwood Flower from D to C?

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One response to “Office Hours with Jason / May 2022

  1. Jason, I am so happy that I stuck with you! In reading all the above… there is so many valuable practice and technique tips that I needed reminding of! Also, it is good to read and I realize that I am not alone in my struggles πŸ™‚
    This is a great resource page to return to over and over again! Thank you!