What are you practicing these days?

I’m currently practicing singing and playing backup on songs like Wildflowers (Tom Petty), Don’t Think Twice (Dylan) and others. I started voice lessons and have worked a vocal warmup routine into my sessions.

I also just learned a great tune called Redican’s Trip To Appalachia.

What are you working on?

Let us know in a comment…

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16 responses to “What are you practicing these days?

  1. Definitely a wicked twist; heart attack on Christmas Eve with bypass operation April 26. But, about 10 days later, I was able to play my fiddle while I recoup. I have been working on playing pentatonic scales as backup to Angeline, changing the key as the chord changes. A little “clanking” but I’m getting there. Also, working on “Rolling Waves Variation.” Can we still post student videos?

    The new format will leave me a bit disadvantaged, as there is no solid high speed in my neighborhood. However, I will use archived lessons, jams and Strum to keep me going!

    1. Thank you for sharing this Owen. Yes, please still use the student video page for posting! And if/when you have a setup for the new platform, please do check it out. Agree with Debbie, great you can play fiddle moving forward 🙂 Happy music making to you all!

  2. This w/e practicing for private jam I go to on Mondays. An older guy there has introduced Maple Sugar, Snow Deer, Down Yonder and Under the Double Eagle. I’m pretty strong on learning tunes, but I still need to work on faster tempos…And I learn melodies, but I feel I need to better learn the tune chords. 🤓🎻

  3. That was great yesterday with the Wellerman. Playing in a different key made it hard for play and respond. But that’s on me. I’m still working on cleaning up Josefins, dopval, Halsa dem Darhemma and Ganglat fran Appelbo and will be adding Visa Vid Vindens Angar and Dansen Ungdom once I can get them transcribed to Alto.


      1. I do use Muse, but also just try to keep it note for note. Playing with a group I’m trying to keep it in the same key and I don’t know how otherwise. Muse can bounce the key around. The group leader has been tossing me a few scores that she arranged for the viola which I love.

  4. I’ve been practicing some jazz tunes like “Fly Me To the Moon,” and “All of Me.” I’ve also been working on playing back up on some contemporary Christian songs. I play the keyboard in a Praise band, so I’m trying to include the violin. I got a mandolin for Christmas so that’s another project (moving a little slower with that; not enough hours in the day)!

  5. Continuing to work on technique based on “Soldier’s Joy”. Went back to working on “Wagon Wheel” fiddle breaks and vocals. Plan to start on “”Move It On Over”. Basic and then hopefully get more advanced giving it a blue sound similar to George Thorogood’s influence.