Tune of the week: Little Liza Jane

Here’s a version of Little Liza Jane by Elizabeth Mitchell.

I teach a simple version of this tune in this lesson.

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3 responses to “Tune of the week: Little Liza Jane

  1. I sing it a little differently. Belly is my Beagle.. Ellie Jane is her little girl, she’s 4.

    Belly’s got a little girl she loves so much, Belly loves….little Ellie Jane.
    Belly wants to romp and play all day with…. Little Ellie Jane.
    Belly says: Oh…little Ellie… .come and play with me!
    Oh little Ellie… won’t you throw a ball for me…

    Ellie still thinks Belly taught that song to me.. I don’t aim to tell her any differently any time soon. She asks me to play it all the time.