Setting Up Audio for Interactive Fiddlehed Lessons


Fiddlehed offers a range of live lessons and student meet-ups. The audio setup varies depending on the event. For workshops and office hours, students are not usually audible. However, for Student Groups and online private lessons, you’ll want to be heard clearly. Here’s how to optimize your audio setup in three simple steps:

  1. Use an external microphone.
  2. Wear headphones.
  3. Configure your audio settings.

I’ll go into more detail below.

Recommended Gear for Interactive Lessons

For the best audio quality, we recommend using headphones and an external microphone. This minimizes echo and enhances clarity. Check out some options on our Recommended Fiddle Gear page.

  • Elgato Wave 3  ($140): I use this for group lessons and play-along tracks. It includes a software mixer and offers high-quality sound.
  • Yeti ($100): A popular choice among FiddleHed students.
  • Fifine USB Mic (<$30): A budget-friendly option available on Amazon.

For mobile users, consider a microphone that plugs directly into your device, like the Zoom mic.

Zoom Audio Setup

Most FiddleHed events take place on Zoom. To optimize your Zoom audio settings:

  1. Download the Zoom Desktop app or mobile app for iOS and Android.
  2. Ensure your Zoom app is up-to-date. Here’s how.
  3. Enabling Original Sound for Musicians:
    • Sign in and join a meeting.
    • Choose the ‘Computer Audio’ option.
    • Toggle the ‘Original Sound for Musicians’ feature on or off as indicated in the top-left corner.
  4. Use headphones and an external microphone.
  5. If you’re just talking, it’s better to have original sound turned off.

If utilizing an Iphone or Ipad, here is a helpful video a member found for adjusting settings when using the mobile app (Time markers: 5:24 for iphone settings, 8:33 for ipad settings).

Below is a video further explaining configuring zoom audio settings for the Zoom Desktop app.

Here’s what the audio settings should look like:


Once this is set you’ll see a label in the left-hand corner: “Original Sound for Musicians: On.”


Alternative Platforms

Some students opt for Facebook Messenger, which offers free video calls without a 40-minute limit. Only one participant needs a Facebook account to create a meeting link.

Need More Help?

For additional queries about microphones, Zoom, or any other setup-related issues, feel free to email us.

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