Newsletter – July 31, 2020

Hey Folks,

Congrats to the six winners of the video-chat lesson giveaway: Gary, Grace, Ken, Nathan, Dina, and Jason (no, I didn’t win a lesson with myself πŸ€“).

Thanks to all who entered. Giving these lessons will be the first step towards finding a way to give you guys more feedback on your playing. Some ideas:

  • Small group lessons on zoom.
  • Short one-on-one lessons with a fiddle tutor.
  • Giving feedback on videos you share.

Featured lessons

Reading Rhythm 4 / In this lesson we go more into dotted notes. Learning Β to read rhythm is tricky. But my basic teaching is to let your brain figure out the patterns in a natural way. I call this Intuitive Note Reading.

I’m almost done with the Note-Reading For Fiddlers course. Yay! Looking forward to switching to gears to lessons on slides, vibrato and the Orange Blossom Special.

I recently added sheet music videos to many of the tune lessons. These are another way for you to get the hang of reading sheet music in an intuitive way.

I also have integrated the note-reading lessons into the main course, so you can learn to read as you learn techniques and tunes.

Question of the week

How to play with others? / Start by learning to listen as you play. It’s hard at first. I remember the first time I played violin along with my teacher. I was thrown off by the sound of the piano. You can train yourself to in listening to parallel voices by playing with drones and play-along tracks. In this way you learn to hear your playing as well as what others are doing. I offer a few other tips.

Tune of the Week

Here’s a version of Margaret’s Waltz by Dulahan.


Dayved has been my student and friend for 8 years. He plays viola along with violin and loves Eastern European music. He’s actually a big part of why FiddleHed exists today.

OK! Thanks for making music…

❀️ Jason

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