Mairi’s Wedding: group lesson preview

Hey folks,

I’m here in beautiful Michigan 🌳 . We just had some rain, now the sun is out. Here’s an Irish polka called “Mairi’s Wedding.” My in-laws just through a wedding party for Melissa and I, so I guess the stars sort of align on this ✨

Polkas are great beginner tunes because there’s a lot of repetition. If you can spot what parts repeat, then you reduce the amount of brain work. For example, if you learn the first quarter well, then you can rest easy when you get to the third quarter, because it’s the same exact part.

I’m giving a group lesson on it tomorrow for FiddleHed all-access subscribers. We’ll be learning it through an old-school call-and-response approach. I also have made tabs, sheet music and audio to help you if you get stuck. Here’s a link to the lesson page: Group Lesson: Mairi’s Wedding

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