Lauren Learning the Orange Blossom Special

I’m currently creating five-lesson series on the OBS. This is a super-challenging tune that I’ve resisted teaching. I now see this as a great journey which allows you to hone many fiddle techniques:

  • Advanced string crossing
  • Tricky rhythms
  • Challenging double stops
  • Sliding

Here’s a sneak peek of FiddleHed Lauren learning the first step: the basic OBS bowing pattern. Lauren is a single mom who works as a speech therapist. It’s challenging to find time to practice, but she’s making it happen.

I’m proud of her for jumping right in and getting this.

Alrighty, stay tuned for lots of fun fiddle lessons this year (including a series on left-hand sliding and another series on vibrato).

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8 responses to “Lauren Learning the Orange Blossom Special

  1. Oh, this is great and fun! And Im one who has a difficult time having fun. Looking forward to the rest of the lessons. I will be working on this one. It is short and simple and will have it down pat when the next lesson comes out. Thanks jason for all you do!

  2. Wow Lauren! I can’t even imagine playing the OBS yet. It’s like when I was a little kid thinking, “One day, I will be able to drive a car,” but that just seems forevers away.

    But maybe? Just maybe? With the way you teach Jason, I think it might can be done. I can play that piece there in the video…lol.
    I’m a little excited and still kinda daunted by it.