Kerfunken Jig Basic and Variation – Performance

Here’s a short performance of an Irish tune called Kerfunken Jig. I play a very simple version and then play two variation versions. This first variation adds cuts, the second adds rolls. Both variations are taught in the Irish Fiddle Variation course.

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The basic version is very stripped down, arranged for beginners. The variation version adds a few variations, but not too many. The idea is for you to really start to listen to the subtle difference between the two. I also want to remind you of the fundamental point of the adding variation: alternate between basic and variation versions.

This process carries over to adding variation to any tune or fiddle style. It prepares you to improvise or compose your own melodies. 

Both versions are taught in a step-by-step lesson in the Irish Fiddle Variation course.

Kerfunken Jig – Basic version(this is in the main FiddleHed course)

Kerfunken Jig – Cuts Variation

Play every day, have fun ? and thanks for taking part ?  

Now, go fiddle with it…?

❤ Fiddlehed

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