Galway Girl

Some visionary FiddleHed out there suggested that I go to Galway and film a video on how to play the melody from Steve Earle’s song, “Galway Girl”. So I did it.

I had a great time at this Irish pub in the heart of the city.

There were two sessions with a sort of transitional session in between. I stayed the whole night…

…and then went and got pizza with Greg and Melodie.

Then we walked along the river at 2am. Greg taught us some Qi gong as partiers stumbled home singing.

A good way to end the trip.

Here’s a super-fun version of the tune done by Mundy, Sharon Shannon and the town of Galway!

Have fun learning Galway Girl! Go fiddle with it…

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18 responses to “Galway Girl

  1. I actually bought my fiddle right down the street from the Galway Girl video! That was in July this year (almost 2 months ago) and I haven’t put it down since. I’ve played guitar since I was a kid but I never REALLY practiced (just more interested in using it for rhythm and chords) and I’ve always wanted to learn violin. So before my wife and I went to Ireland, I decided that I’d get a fiddle from there and actually try to learn this time haha. Galway is an awesome, lively place. Looking at this post has me wanting to go back! Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for this song!

  2. Jason, something you might want to pass along to the Fiddleheds is how to use the gear symbol “settings” at the bottom of the YouTube videos. They can slow down the video to 75 or 50%. 25% is shown but doesn’t seem to work. Sure makes it easy to play along!!