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Find the fun


I’ve been meeting with two coaches to help me develop the Play Every Day game and course. I mentioned that I was anxious about a lot of the logistics. How to print cards? How to promote the product? When to do what? Coach Dave advised me to “Find the fun in it.”

The Fun In Fiddling

Which to me translates as, “Focus on making it good. What would entertain and delight me? What would I want to listen to or read or watch?” I want to create something to make practicing music more fun and productive for myself. Then share it with others.

So far the creative has been fun. I’m writing, drawing and practicing music using the cards. I know that it has the potential to benefit a lot of people. But not sure if that will happen or how it will happen. The key is to just write every day in the same way I ask students to play every day.

The same principle applies to making any art. If you worry too much about what others think or selling it, then you’re not really making art. Art is about discovery and wonder. It’s a spiritual practice.

So if you’re learning to play the fiddle (or any instrument, or any art), ask yourself, “Where’s the fun? How can I look at this struggle as an adventure? Or as a game?” Here are some ideas to help you with that:

Find the Fun to Keep Going

The truly prolific artists I know have figured out a daily practice—a repeatable way of working that insulates them from success, failure, and the chaos of the outside world. They have all identified what they want to spend their time on, and they work at it every day, no matter what. – Austin Kleon in Keep Going

Don’t worry about where you think you should be. Focus on what you’re learning now. Enjoy the adventure of what’s unfolding. Celebrate the small wins, such as mastering a particular song or technique, and enjoy the process of learning something new.

OK. Try this out next time you practice music or make art…

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