Lesson with Dayved on strumming and bowing chords

Dayved has been my student and friend for 8 years. He plays viola along with violin and loves Eastern European music.Here’s a clip from a zoom lesson with my student Dayved on strumming and bowing chords.


Dayved is a big part of why FiddleHed exists today. Back in the day, we would have a lesson at 8pm. By 9, I would be pretty hungry, ready to knock off and have a can of soup. But he always wanted to make a video of what we did at the end which meant that I had to spend an extra 5 minutes filming.

So I started filming the lessons in advance. That way, I could eat dinner at a reasonable hour. Instead of emailing him the videos, I just put them on Youtube. Other people started to watch them. Fast forward 8 years and now I’m doing FiddleHed full-time. Funny world!

In the clip above, we learned some mandolin chords and then strummed them on the fiddle. This is a way to visualize how to play double stops chords. It’s also technically easier and a more relaxing way to explore chords. Then we translated this to bowing the chords. I have a series of lessons on how to play chord backup on FiddleHed.

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