Clare Reel – Fiddle raga

I recently dug up this video…I played a ‘fiddle raga’ version of Clare Reel while with my girlfriend in Santa Barbara in 2018. Please forgive the wind noise…think of it as part of the performance ?

I also made some lessons for this tune:

Clare Reel – Basic

Clare Reel – Variation

These are part of my Irish Fiddle Journeys course which I just re-launched Ò˜˜ï¸
It will teach you how to play Irish music and add variation. You’ll also learn to approach practice in a creative way which will keep you motivated to play every dayΒ ?
Are you interested? If so, then I’ll send you some introductory lessons with sheet music, tabs, play-along track, and exclusive videos ?

Thanks for watching ?

Jason ?


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2 responses to “Clare Reel – Fiddle raga

  1. Dear Jason,
    This video is really cool. Thank you for sharing this beautiful atmosphere and revisiting this tune with such creativity. By watching it I got the feeling that the characteristic “Indian vibes/sound” is creating by sliding to go from one note to another on a more systematic basis and by using the different positions on the same string instead of playing the same notes on different strings without sliding? Is that correct?
    I will try it on my fiddle and see what comes out of it… Lets’ try and fear not…

    1. I guess that my question also relates to the characteristics of Indian violin playing, and maybe further to a certain form of philosophy / ways of thinking music/ the world behind?

      To get from a note to another one does not erase/skip the physical travel that leads to the second note (=sliding process) and reveals it to the listener? The transition from one state/note to another suddenly becomes audible and acquires an existence and value of its own?

      I would love to have some kind of post from you on your experience with indian music or what you have learned on some of its characteristics? What makes it different/special for you and what you think is “underneath” (a specific “weltanschauung” to use big words). Hope it makes sense…
      No drug taking here involved πŸ˜‰