Banshee – Basic And Variation – Performance

Hey folks,

Here’s a short performance of an Irish tune called the Banshee. I play a very simple version and then play a version with some variation added.

In this version, I added:

  • A part, bar 1: Roll added to D3 (G) in bar 1 of the A part
  • A part, bar 4:  D3 (G) cut added to D1 (E)
  • A part, bar 5: D2 added (a simple melodic variation).
  • A part, bar 6: A0 added, also a melodic variation.
  • B part, bar 1: Roll added to A3
  • B part, bar 2: A3 cut added
  • B part, bar 3: triplets added
  • B part, bar 4: A3 cut added

If you’re interested in adding variation to tunes, start by adding variation to one little phrase. Alternate between the basic and the variation as a way to learn the variation and to test to see if it works.

Here is a downloadable mp3 for your listening pleasure (without all my rambling and yammering): 

If you want to learn how to add variation to Irish fiddle tunes, check out my Irish Fiddle Variation course.

I also made step-by-step lessons on how to play each version:

Banshee – Basic version

Banshee – Variation

Thanks for listening ?  

Now, go fiddle with it…?

❤️ fiddleHed

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