This is a tricky rhythm known as syncopation in which we play on the offbeat. For more lessons on syncopation. If you want to learn and practice this more, then go here:


Syncopated Scale Practice

Syncopated Rhythm Exercises

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Hover Box Element

Hover Box Element

I like Fiddle Ragas.

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Technique 90minutes
Tunes 80minutes
Practice 70minutes

Day 6 cripple creek

Day 6 – some bowing practice

Day 4 – Last of the Mohicans’ Main Theme “The Gael”

Last of the Mohicans Working on slowing this down, lingering on a few notes, and smoothing out my bowing.

Day 5 – Fiddler’s Green

No formal online session today, so I assembled this arrangement with chords and vocals. Fiddler’s Green is a place I hear tell, Where fishermen go when they don’t go to hell… Where the weather is fair and the dolphins do play And the cold coast of Greenland is far, far away…

Day 3 Fire on the Mountain

Day 3

Funny stuff i think it worked out getting worse first !!! Lol 😆

Tam Lin at sunset FPC21 day 3

Currently on holiday in North Devon, I thought I’d take advantage of the beautiful back drop! Unfortunately I was shivering so much there’s a few errors but you get the idea!🤣🎻

Day 2 of the challenge

Day 2 of challenge https://youtube.com/shorts/ov4zDPQPlCU?feature=share

Purple Lilies Polka

Memorizing this polka

Beginner: O Susanna. My first tune!

Beginner. My first tune without looking. I practice hysterically not to look at my fingers. Can you see, the eyes do not know what to look at … oh (a Google translation, I’m not so good at English). https://youtube.com/shorts/_wkuEOWfP9Y?feature=share