This is a tricky rhythm known as syncopation in which we play on the offbeat. For more lessons on syncopation. If you want to learn and practice this more, then go here:


Syncopated Scale Practice

Syncopated Rhythm Exercises

Hooray for life. Just writing to write. Well, not just that. I’m also testing this cool new WP editor.

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I like Fiddle Ragas.

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Technique 90minutes
Tunes 80minutes
Practice 70minutes

The Wellerman

I’ve been trying to get to grips with this sea shanty for a few months & started by playing to the sheet music, I was struggling to keep the rhythm & remember the notes & tempo changes. Then a couple of weeks ago I was messing with some beats & thought I’d try it with … Continued

Scarborough Fair

Scarborough Fair

Cantina Band Theme

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! (next year I might even get the ending,lol!)

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Man, this is a tough one. But I have been working on it for a week or so and will keep working on this one. I feel like working on this one to smooth it out, improve the intonation, and get the bowing nice and loose will push me forward on the path. Fiddling is … Continued

Breton Gavotte/Swallowtail Jig Medley

This is my ‘end of the Spring Practice Challenge” video. I was inspired by Jason’s Practice Journey on Breton Gavotte and had already started to work on it. He had some great suggestions to expand on the tune, so I thought I’d experiment with these ideas and try to string them together. It’s still a … Continued

Ukiah Ranch Waltz

This is a waltz I composed. It also has a second violin part. My band, The Oyster Crackers, play it with our cello playing harmony and 2 guitars.

Skye Boat Song

Give the Fiddler a Dram

Trying to learn to learn and play new pieces by ear. Learned this one yesterday(Saturday, 4/22)

Harvest Home

In celebration of St George’s Day in England tomorrow when every village pub & green across the country will echo to this tune being played for the Morris Dancers!