This is a tricky rhythm known as syncopation in which we play on the offbeat. For more lessons on syncopation. If you want to learn and practice this more, then go here:


Syncopated Scale Practice

Syncopated Rhythm Exercises

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I like Fiddle Ragas.

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Technique 90minutes
Tunes 80minutes
Practice 70minutes

Josefins Dopval

First recording as I can now (almost) play the entire piece.

Soldiers Joy

Coleraine dulcimer backup 65bpm

Connaghtmans Rambles

I learned this one a while ba5. Now adding embellishments.

How Do You Practice Scales??

Do you practice scales? If so, how? What’s your relationship with scales? Are they fun, horrible or neutral. Do you use scale books? How about the scale lessons in the FiddleHed course? Or Scale Central? https://fiddlehed.com/practice-tools/scale-central/ Let me know!!

Auld Grey Cat

I’m working on my own version of this tune to make it sound less fiddly & more like a mooching/strutting cat, inspired by the memories of my own (not grey) moggies & I think, subconsciously on listening back, by “Minnie The Moocher” by Cab Calloway & maybe a bit of the cartoon cat Sylvester!

Cindy’s Practice March 2024

I do keep a journal using lists in columns with comments. Some days are discouraging and some are just winners! My fiddle group meets weekly on Zoom where we play something each week for the group. When possible, some of us play chords (on mute) with the fiddler. For March, I set the following goals: … Continued


These are my two go to books for practicing scales. Elementary Scales and Bowings for strings, Whistler & Hummel and Progressive Scales for Viola by Matherly. I will try to upload a snapshot

Jason’s Practice – March 2024

Right now I’m trying to arrange songs for the fiddle and voice. – Review songs 1. Sourwood Mountain 2. Norwegian Wood 3. Fiddler’s Delight 4. Blackbird 5. Girl I Left Behind/Barndance 6. Off to California 7. Do You Realize?? (by Flaming Lips) 8. Pink Moon 9. Old Town Road – Jerusalem Ridge (F Minor) – … Continued

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