This is a tricky rhythm known as syncopation in which we play on the offbeat. For more lessons on syncopation. If you want to learn and practice this more, then go here:


Syncopated Scale Practice

Syncopated Rhythm Exercises

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I like Fiddle Ragas.

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Technique 90minutes
Tunes 80minutes
Practice 70minutes

Basic Midnight on the Water…

Buzzing Strings

I thought I’d share my recent experiences in case it’s of use / interest to anyone I the group: I’d noticed a slight buzz coming from the D string so contacted my friendly local luthier who supplied this information: 1. As it is mainly when double stopping, then maybe the slot in the bridge on … Continued

Terrible timing and out of tune but I still had fun!

I love this little tune and all the different little variations that I’m trying out. However, timing timing timing! Really need to work on getting that solid and getting the lilts in the right place too. Still, I feel like I’m slowly slowly getting a little better. My husband is playing a gig at our … Continued

Mace Bell’s Civil War March

Howdy folks. I came across this tune a few weeks ago while listening to Spencer & Rains, and it is now my favorite Old Timey fiddle tune. It is called Mace Bell’s Civil War March. I am obsessed with it so thought I would share. -Dylan

Money in both pockets

Money in both pockets – one time through.


Madeleine performance:

Mel June Office Hours follow up – podcast on chord changes

hi everyone! Thanks so much for joining this week for office hours. As promised, I found the podcast that describes chord changes and how songs can all be categorized according to similar chord change patterns. It wasn’t a 99% invisible podcast….it was a Twenty Thousand Hertz episode!!!! Many thanks to Fiddlehed Carolyn for helping me … Continued

Leave Her Johnny Leave Her

I’m learning droning double stops and thought I’d have a go at combining that practice with the lovely sea shanty we learned last week!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (week 2)

I’ll fly away

I’ll fly away