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    Can anyone help me figure out the tabs to the song One Star in the Night from the classic Christmas tv special: The Little Drummer Boy? The original recording can be found on YouTube, many posts. I can get as far as the third line in the first verse:
    “You can hear the music”, but I cant figure out the tabs for the last line: “If you listen with your heart”
    What I have so far:
    G2 A0 D2 O. G2
    One Star in the night

    G3 AO. D2 O G2
    Singing silently

    DO A1. D3. O. G3 AO
    You can hear. the. music

    If you listen with you heart. Such a pretty song, Any help is much appreciated!
    Singing Silently

    • Hi Tammy, what a lovely and haunting tune! Your getting well acquainted with it through this process.
      I noticed the original recording of tune has multiple flats, so I came up with some half note changes to the tabs. Changing a tune to a different key can at times make it easier to play, though then it doesn’t match up with playing with original recording. The tabs I came up with have some interesting/trickier hand positions.
      I slowed down the speed of this tune on youtube and came up with these notes:
      GL4 (or GH3)-AL1-D3-DL1-G3
      I started by singing the song, getting really in touch with 2-4 notes singing and then found each note, 1 by 1, on violin.
      Please let us know how this tune progresses for you.
      Enjoy 🙂