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      jason kleinberg

      What small improvement can you make right now to become a better musician?

      It could be a posture adjustment, mastering a new technique or improving just a few notes in a tune.
      Identify it, then dedicate your next practice session to this improvement. Small changes can lead to significant progress over time.

      I encourage you to post your thoughts in this Share Your Practice forum. We learn better together.

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      I’ve been working on learning to play chord backup. For weeks now I’ve picked up the fiddle almost every day and played 7 different chords on g and d strings and d & a strings. Chords a g d and c. Playing I’ll fly away and trying to sound ok playing on recored YouTube videos. It’s been difficult bc for a log time at first it sounded so bad. Now that I’ve memorized these chords, I feel like it sounds better. Jocelyn offered feedback that helped greatly on I’ll fly away. This opens up a whole new dimension of music!

      Chords have been difficult but are worth it. I stayed at it by returning to rythem music that I enjoy playing when chords were not sounding good/frustration. Also, I’ve been playing chords on mandolin for fun.

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      Working on two posture changes that I have been working on to relax my playing, yet work on speed. Using a different shoulder rest, I’ve brought my left elbow closer to my body, alleviating some arthritic left shoulder pain. At the same time I am working to use my wrist more to make bowing smoother and a bit quicker. I’ll practice some in front of a large mirror to watch the position of my bow arm (wrist).

      Liz Faiella has a video on relaxing the bow arm/hand. I’m going to try that method with FH’s play along of Kesh Jig, progressively faster.

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      Joanne Iles

      I’m playing a lot in our campervan this year & had got a bit of a cramped up & lazy posture! I saw this post & looked at my left wrist position brought it forward so I’m back to using the fingertips straight down onto the strings & can hear straight away an improvement in sound much clearer & easier to play a bit faster too!

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