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      I love this little tune and all the different little variations that I’m trying out. However, timing timing timing! Really need to work on getting that solid and getting the lilts in the right place too. Still, I feel like I’m slowly slowly getting a little better. My husband is playing a gig at our local pub before the England match later. Next time the Euros come around (which I think will be 3 years because they’re a year late) I aim to be playing alongside him! Oh, and I really do need to remember to smile so that I actually look like I’m having some fun!

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      I like how you made some variations 2nd time around, and it didn’t sound much out of tune to me. It’s easy to speed up in the second half. Very enjoyable to listen to!! Thanks, Jeanette.

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      Hairy Kerry

      Nicely done! Kind of sounds like Clinch Mountain Backstep.

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