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      jason kleinberg

      Here’s a short summary of what I practiced during the OPS:

      Here’s an outline of what I practiced:
      – [[Practice tip]]: Vary the volume
      – Warming with something easier: old-time tunes I just learned. Still not totally memorized.
      – [[Rochester Scottische]]
      – working out a way to play it that makes sense
      – Working on chunks, making exercises, transposing
      – [[Rockingham Cindy]]
      – looping 10-11
      – [[Chordal Scale]] [[B Flat Major]]
      – [[Mary Had A Little Lamb]] in Bb in 3rd to 5th position
      – in Bb in 3rd to 5th position
      – Use an easy tune to practice hard
      – [[Melodius double stops]] 22, 28
      – Just two notes
      – [[L’Affaire de Perrodin]]
      – [[Saute Crapaud]]
      – [[PED/Mental Triggers 🚦]]

      And here’s the full session (you only hear me practicing):

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